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Zoom – In Office Teeth Whitening

While professional cleanings twice a year and regular brushing can remove surface staining, tooth whitening goes beyond the surface. Your teeth have tiny microscopic tubules that over time collect stain, especially as we mature in age. If you decide you would like to go beyond regular care to make your smile brighter, please discuss your options with your dentist.

Toorak Village Dental Care offers both home whitening products as well as in-office whitening. The difference is in the amount of time it takes for your teeth to whiten to your desired shade. 

In Office Teeth Whitening:

Zoom Whitening

Zoom is a revolutionary teeth-whitening procedure that is safe, effective and very fast! In a little over an hour your teeth will be dramatically lighter, at least six to ten shades lighter. Zoom teeth whitening gel is a scientifically formulated hydrogen peroxide that when activated by laser light, penetrates your teeth to remove deep stains and discolouration. With proper care and an occasional touch-up at home, your beautiful whiter smile will sparkle for years!

About the process:

  • To prepare for Zoom Whitening, our dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy.
  • Fillings and crowns will not change colour with whitening but can be replaced after whitening to match, if desired.
  • Your lips and gums will be covered with an isolation material, called a dental dam, to protect them during treatment.
  • Then, we apply the Zoom whitening gel, which is activated by the Zoom light source. The gel and light work together to gently break up the stains on your teeth.
  • After three 15-minute applications within 90 minutes, you rinse and the treatment is complete – leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile!
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